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An Evaluation Of The Career Fair Wednesday, February 4, 2004

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The only disappointment really, was the one company that emailed me, expressing their interest in me for their co-op, and that they would “appreciate it if you would stop by and see us during the fair.”

I went up to them in the morning (before the interpreter was there), and I introduced myself to them, and they were really nice and friendly, and expressing their interest in me, and that they were really happy that I stopped by, and she wanted to know if I was available for spring quarter. I don’t think she knew I was deaf at that point. But I told her that I would be back later on in the day to talk to her (as one of the hosts, I had my responsibilities to do as well, so she understood that.)

So I came back later on, with the interpreter in tow. Normally, I could talk one on one with hearing people, but in this environment, it was very difficult because it was very noisy in there, too much background noise, and echo. I could barely hear myself. So I was happy to have the interpreter there with me. However, her attitude changed, and seemed not as interested. Then she told me to come back in the afternoon, because they were going to do all the sign-ups in the afternoon for the spots. But from that point on, from when I talked with her with the interpreter, all the way through to the end of the career fair, she was just acting really weird. Made me feel like it was because I was deaf. So that sucks. 😦 But it just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. And it’s moments like these, that sometimes I feel like being deaf holds me back. The same reason why I feel like it holds me back at Target, because it limits the scope of my interaction, and what I can do.

The one positive thing that could be gained from this, is that from my experience today with that company, it allows me to get a feel for the potential attitudes of that company, and if I want to be working with them. If I have that kind of attitude (whether it’s subliminal or not, I’d advise erring on the side of caution). Anyways, enough about that.