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Beware Of The TV Wool Being Pulled Over Your Eyes Thursday, December 22, 2005

In response to my earlier post, I’m on the phone with toshiba, and I think deaf people would be very interested in hearing this.

BEWARE OF WHAT TV YOU BUY. The TV/DVD combo you have may not display captioning from a DVD, because it was only designed to display incoming captioning (i.e. cable, antenna, satellite) but not read off of the disc.

So, boys and girls, you may have a TV that doesn’t read captioning, and not even know it!

It is our expectation as a deaf consumer that when we buy a tv, that the dvd *will* be able to play captioning back, when subtitles are not available. And when the box leads us to believe so, and that they don’t mention it, it is a rip-off.

Something should be done about this. This means that either the movie industry *has* to make subtitles mandatory on their DVDs, or the tv industry has to find a way to make captions available off of DVDs. At the very least, they should inform the consumers of that detail.

Yes, I am upset. I want to be able to enjoy a movie at home with my family, and know that the dvd will work with closed captioning, in the event there is no english subtitles?


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