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whiningness within Saturday, July 22, 2006

I’m sick and tired of sleeping on my left side. My left hip and ribs hurt, especially my ribs. Ugh. Still can’t sleep on my right side yet, and even if I could, it’s not comfortable.

The other problem is that either I’m too far from the TV and can’t see the captions, but am comfortable, or close enough and not comfortable. My glasses broke the day before I had surgery, and they can’t be fixed, so I have to get new ones. First I have to get all healed up, because the pressure from the arms hurt my incision, and trying on demo models in the store…eeeeeeeew germs, eeeew.

And why is it just when I finally get comfortable and can see the TV, it’s time to change the disc in the DVD? I’m now on disc 1 of season 5 of the X-Files (four 45-min eps per disc), and am enjoying re-living every minute of my shippy-ness.

And could somebody tell me why ONE pill costs close to 14 dollars? For 7 pills of my antibiotic (Levoquin), the list price is $96.11. I am so grateful for the medical insurance we have, because I only had to pay $25 out of pocket.

Ok, I feel better whining. I want to get online tomorrow, hopefully. I need human voices!


3 Responses to “whiningness within”

  1. Ed Says:

    Because they know they can get away with it? Since medical insurance isolates the rich from these costs, it’s easy for those in power to forget about how those without insurance have to pay through the nose.

    Everything gets more expensive with government subsidies.

  2. Matt Says:

    Like the poster before, it’s because they know you will buy it. Or more of your insurance will buy most of it. They don’t care where they get their money from.And yes, it does cost a lot for 14 to 20 years of development of a single drug (think about it, the drugs coming out in 2006 started research and development before you started walking). That costs a lot of money.

    I will be on all day, so please IM!!!

  3. Alex Says:

    Drug development is a crazy, crazy thing. The biggest reason they’re most expensive that I can think of is that the company wants to make a profit before the drug can become public knowledge and generics can be made.Because they can is probably one of them, then again, if they have something as novel and beneficial as Valtrex (first drug that came to mind. I do not have HSV) , I guess they can.

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