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Flying With The CI Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Filed under: flying,observations,post-activation,post-surgical,sound discovery — Allison @ 11:59 pm

Today I flew back to school all the way across the country. It was my first time going through airport security and flying with the CI. It wasn’t that much different than flying with the hearing aids, except that the TSA wanted me to have a pat-down and a bag search instead of going through the metal detector.

It took a bit longer because a female TSA agent had to be located, and then she had to pat me down, which felt really odd, especially when they pat around the personal parts.

Flying was another non-event in itself. I could hear the voices of pilot/flight attendants over the announcements. I could also hear passenger’s voices even when the engines were going and we were in the air. I thought it would be much more difficult for the CI to distinguish between speech and the engine noise, but I was proven wrong.

I could still hear and understand sound, even though my HA-ear was all plugged up from the altitude changes. It was odd, when my left ear was all plugged up, but my right ear didn’t feel plugged up at all. This was a great experiment in the differences between a CI and a HA in an airplane, and the CI far surpasses what one can hear with the HA.

(backposted from a few days later)


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