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Now What Has Malfunctioned? (and Adventures in Sinusland) Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Part #: CI-5304-313

HR90K HP Beige Kevlar

Malfunctioning product must be returned to Advanced Bionics within 28 days of replacement product shipment or it will be invoiced.

I got this email from AB’s product team and my first thought was “WHAT? What’s malfunctioning now?” (and freaking out, because after the problem with the surgery, I figured that would be the only hiccup in the road, and it has been smooth sailing since.)

I was so confused, because I (or Mandy) haven’t talked to AB about any malfunctioning parts with my CI. I don’t know if Megan has done anything, but I’m sure she would have told one of us if she had been in contact with AB.

Needless to say, I was bewildered upon receipt of the email (and had almost marked it as spam mail, but something told me to read it). I tried to call and find out what was going on, but it’s past normal operating hours, so it will have to wait till tomorrow.

Because I have a burning desire to know instantaneously, I googled it and the closest part # I can get for that is the Auria headpiece. But there’s no mention of CI-5304-313 anywhere on the website, nor does it match with any of my other accessories.

Examining the invoice closer, I’m wondering if this “HP” is the acronym for the new Harmony Processor, which is the 120-channel processor. And with KEVLAR? Does this mean I’m going to have a bulletproof ear? (remember the mythbusters episode where they tested the stopping power bullets going through everyday objects like a deck of cards, a book, etc.?)

According to the speculation and rumors from professionals who are close to the Harmony processors, and from AB’s releases, it isn’t supposed to come out until at least November.

But if that is the case, AWESOME. And then I can pester Mandy until I get my CI to sound perfect with the music!

Unfortunately, it’s being shipped to my house instead of to me at school. Drat. *on pins and needles to find out*

Jen A. came with me to see the ear doc this afternoon (and is the first friend that has come along to anything related to the CI, so yay Jen!) Dr. D turned out to be the same doctor who said that “i think you will put on the implant and look back at digital hearing aids and wonder why you didn’t get it sooner”. It was great seeing again, as I’ve only met him once, and being able to say “look! here I am! I did it!”. I was amused because Mandy introduced me to him as “my prize student”.

Basically, Dr. D says instead of sinus problems, I could be having a problem with my jaw, leading to facial pain with swollen sinuses from allergies. Common medical thinking is facial pain+swollen sinuses = sinusitis, treated with antibiotics.

He also mentioned that my “off-balance/dizziness” can be a result of my jaw being asymmetrical (which was a problem when I had braces, and was supposed to be corrected). The dizziness just happens to be aggravated by the CI, and/or being sick, stressed, or not getting enough sleep. But overall, my scar and everything looks good.

*mind-boggle* I learn something new every day, which defies conventional thinking.

And today, we did a balloon-popping demo in class. I couldn’t hear it with the CI, but my hearing aid did.


6 Responses to “Now What Has Malfunctioned? (and Adventures in Sinusland)”

  1. Allison Says:


    Well, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, and she didn’t do much except watch (and listen to me talk to the doc). But next time, it will be more exciting, I promise. It was the equivalent of going to a doctor to get a checkup, so you didn’t miss anything.

    So yes, you will still be the first, in terms of actually seeing a mapping/therapy session, and Jen A. just met Mandy and watched.

    As for this weekend, I am so confused, and I have no idea what’s going on anymore. I may stay here because I have way too much work to do, but Stef was yelling at me about it, and showed me how much work she has to do. But Mike is coming to stay at my place for a few days, starting tomorrow night and I want to spend some time with him before he leaves, and I don’t know when he’s leaving for the rest of his trip.

    Needless to say, M&P is kicking my butt. And Photo 4 is getting to that point (why can you never find the teacher or the assistant to help, and why does it take 20 minutes to check out something at the cage, and equipment that’s supposed to be in the studio is missing (I.e. power cords)? I feel like all we do is sit around and wait for stuff to happen.)

    ANYWAYS, I can’t wait to see what the mystery object is…but seeing the words “malfunction” freaked me out, especially with no prior knowledge about any malfunction.

    P.S. Sleep is futile. Waking up every 3 to 4 hours because you’re drenched sucks. AND YOU MADE ME SICK! Pfft. 😛

    That’s why I took a 20-min nap on Stef’s couch before dinner tonight, and didn’t hear you come in.

    But I still love you anyway.

  2. Allison Says:


    No, I have Advanced Bionics. My CI is the Auria.

    I’m supposed to get the new 120-channel processor whenever it comes out.

  3. Allison Says:


    I will take a picture of it and post it later.

    I’m curious what yours looks like as well. But I think cochlear has pictures of their products available to the public online.

    AB, you have to be a registered user to see what products they have in their catalog. That’s one negative.

    P.s. Sorry about the deleted comment, the same one was reposted.

  4. Jen G. Says:

    aww, I wanted to be the first 😛 Stef says we’re leaving early Friday, so I probably can’t make it this week. BUT I am soooo down for next week.

    Sucks the piece is being shipped to your house, but cool otherwise if that’s what you’re getting 😀

  5. Aphrodite Says:

    Which CI do you have, is it the nucleus freedom?

  6. Aphrodite Says:

    Oh, you have a different one, I wondered why your CI /ipod cord didn’t make much sense to me, it probably looks completely different to mine!

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