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Scattergories And Episode #2 Monday, November 6, 2006

Filed under: dizziness,feelings,listening therapy,mandy,scared,school — Allison @ 9:15 pm

For listening practice, Mandy and I played Scattergories. It’s good because it forces us to exercise our mind and come up with words. For listening, this game gives me the first letter of the word, and category it is, maybe a bit easy, but still fun.

After we were done, I did an errand on campus, and I had my 2nd episode of the room spinning. This time I was standing up, talking to the guys about recovering the data off of my LaCie. I felt my legs go weak, then saw the room move. Thanks to my fast reflexes, I grabbed the counter just in time, which stopped the episode. I felt shaky afterwards, but I think it was the fear of it.

If it happens at home, I don’t care, but if it’s at school, it’s embarassing.


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