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Food For Thought – Writing About Sound Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Creative Writing class, my teacher gave us an assignment where we will take various approaches to writing about a specific place that we picked the first week of class. Today, she had us write about the sounds and smell of that place.

This place is a place I visited in the past before I got the CI. I haven’t been back since because I got sick of being a tour guide for various people, plus I had taken many many photographs there, and they were starting to blend in with the countless other photographs that people have taken. Today I realized that I hungered to go back and listen for the sounds with the CI, because the sounds you will hear, and the environment is unlike anywhere you will ever visit due to its uniqueness.

She had us read back some of the sounds we remembered, and it was amazing listening to my classmates describe the sounds they could hear, but didn’t put much thought to, because it’s all white noise to them.

Precluding this writing exercise was an assignment over the weekend where we had to observe people in a public place for 30 minutes, and “eavesdrop” on their conversations. The reports back from classmates about what people talk about in public was fascinating to me.

I’ve always wanted to know what hearing people talk about, and if it was just me that picked these noises, or if it was everybody else. I’m relieved to know that I hear the same topics as others, but I miss out on all the details that make up the meat of those conversations.

All in all, these last two writing exercises have given me a lot of food for thought in regards to sound. And these hearing classmates are thinking about sound in the way that I’ve been thinking about it since I got activated. Now they understand.

P.S. this place is an abandoned subway.


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