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The Magic Of Speech Saturday, February 10, 2007

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Thursday during critique, I was sitting behind a classmate, Dustin. He started speaking, so I moved behind him so that I was 45 degrees from his face. I unable to see his lips, but could see his face moving with the motions of his lips.

I found myself able to understand 80% of what he was saying. It was pretty cool, considering that he has a goatee, and is soft-spoken. I’m not sure if knowing what we’re talking about helps in understanding what’s being discussed, or if my brain was just magically understanding things at that time.

I did my first-ever sports shooting assignment last night. I had a press pass, so I was able to go down right next to the glass, and cover the territory.

The coolest part was that while I was shooting, I could hear the crowd yelling, and instead of a bunch of noise, it had meaning. I’m staring through the lens, focused on the game, I hear exactly what they’re yelling, word-for-word, and able to jump in and follow along with them. That was exciting to me.

Tonight’s my second night of shooting, so let’s see what happens!


3 Responses to “The Magic Of Speech”

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  2. funnyoldlife Says:

    Wow. I never realized that yelling has meaning. That’s amazing.

    Context does help in understanding speech. I learned, while training as a lip reading tutor, that context is one of the clues useful to a lip reader. So I guess it would also hold true when you are listening to speech.

    Keep up with the blog. It’s great.

  3. Allison Says:

    Well, it does help if you know what they are yelling.

    Plus, I’m used to yelling, since I’m a loud person myself always yelling “MOM! COME HERE!”

    That, and being a cheerleader for 2 years helped. 😉

    context is everything. sometimes that’s why when people say something totally random, you’re thrown for a strange loop.

    thanks for the feedback and the lovely comments!

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