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Collywobbles Saturday, May 5, 2007

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Another stepping stone in the journey with the CI.

Mandy, for listening therapy today, had me listening to a story about Aussie football, and the target sound was the letter “B”.

She would read the sentences, and I would tell her what the words were that were missing from the sentence.

I got “collywobbles” right on the very first listen. Not your standard word either.

Then she read 50 sentences about food or food-related topics, and I was just rattling off the repeats back to her, it was mind boggling to consider that not even nine months ago I had been activated for the first time.

I’m able to repeat back sentences fairly quickly, and understand that one nonsense word. So fast, that we finish our sessions earlier than planned.

I’d love to discuss about the research project that I’m working on, but that’s going to have to wait until everything’s become formally written up in a report and released. It’s very interesting, not to mention exciting, to be involved and understand the technology behind the access services, plus hear the viewpoints from a wide range of 36+ deaf/hard-of-hearing test subjects to date. Simply put, I love, love, love it.

Anyway, happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Be sure to go out and celebrate!


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