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proof the harmony does work Thursday, October 11, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Allison @ 5:19 pm

some proof that the harmony does work (or is it the simple fact that my brain is starting to put words together to make some sense?)

totally exhausted yesterday from all the projects and shooting that I’ve been doing. i was spacing out instead of watching the interpreter. while daydreaming, to my surprise, i could understand several words that were being said, especially by my professor. it was especially good when he was standing by or behind me.

then later that evening, i was off at my job shooting for the theater department. it was fantastic listening to the dialogue while shooting through the lens of the camera. i really appreciated being able to pick up phrases or words, which gave me an indicator of what was coming up next in the action (since i had shot a few other rehearsals).

now off to this madness that is my life. i apologize for the lack of comments and updates, but i pop in to make quick posts to put down things before I forget. i appreciate everybody’s love and support, and i thank you all, even though it may not seem that way at the moment.


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