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The First Few Days Back – Friends, Classmates, and Campus Life Sunday, September 3, 2006

Wow! The last few days have brought me a plethora of new sounds to hear and experience. I’m amazed by all these sounds that I didn’t have before.

I wasn’t sure what the reaction people would have to me with the CI, especially in PH (which is all hearing), but they all seem cool with it. I also see myself as being a bit more open to talking to/meeting new people, but at the same time, really shy about it because I feel like I can’t hear them as well.

The first night back, I was having trouble with the HA, so I turned it off, and was struggling to hear/understand all the conversation with people, plus being exhausted from flying.

My friends have latched onto the word “mango” and won’t leave it alone either! Jen G. felt my head, and was grossed out by the fact that there is something under my skin! I still need to train my friends that even though with the CI, I still can’t automatically understand and know everything that’s going on. Although I have been told by them that even they themselves don’t know what’s going on either, so it’s just not me.

Saturday night I went to a dance party hosted by the school, and I had another sound revelation here. I could hear the vocals, the differences in the music/melody, and the crowd noise. With the hearing aid, it was one big blast of sound, where everything just meshed together and sounded completely like music.

I was totally amazed that the CI and HA had different performances for one extremely loud and noisy situation, and I much prefer the sound of the CI than the HA for that dance event.

The phantom noises have all but disappeared and have stopped waking me up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. I was getting tired of hearing voices I couldn’t understand in my ear, especially when they wake me up from my sleep.

I have discovered that I absolutely *HATE* the sound of the faucet (bathroom and kitchen) in my apartment. UGH!


Day 5 and 6: The X-Files sounds much more scarier with a CI. Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday I chose to spend the entire day in deafness because I had a massive headache. While making lunch, I was looking out the window and waiting for the microwave to beep finished. Distinctly I heard three beeps in my CI-ear and I turned and looked at the microwave and it was showing me that it had just ended.

Now I’m wondering if I’m actually hearing noises with the CI (without the processor on) or if it was just a coincidence. The other day Megan said it was probably phantom noises, when I was telling her about the voices that I was hearing. The whole thing is just freaky. It’s very possible that I just want to hear so badly, that I’m putting sounds into my own head.

Saturday was better, but now I’ve discovered that when I try to lay on my right side, I knock the magnet off of my head. I couldn’t win with the hearing aids either because that would cause feedback. Looks like I’m just not made for listening with my head on a pillow! I wonder how I will pull that off if I ever decide to go bilateral.

I’ve spent part of my day listening to the TV with my eyes closed. I can hear them speaking before the captions show up, which is frustrating. I also watched my favorite TV show, The X-Files, and noticed that it sounds much more scarier and moodier. I can hear all the little details that make the experience much more thrilling. Now I wonder if the Blair Witch Project would be scary to me, because I was the only one that was not scared when I saw it in high school. Everybody was clutching to me and could not understand why I was not scared, and it was probably because I could not hear the creepy background noises to be freaked out.

Susan emailed me today, and we are trying to figure out if I should meet with her first or see Megan first for mapping session #4 before we start speech therapy. I also heard from Mandy, my school audiologist, who has been reading my journal. HI MANDY!

In other news, this journal has been syndicated to and I am trying to regain ownership of that account, because it is not correctly updated, and has my posts on it. Gonna work it out with them.

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First Night Post-Activation Tuesday, August 8, 2006

I woke up at 5:50 this morning. For the first time since I had my first surgery, I was able to sleep through the entire night without having to get up to go to the bathroom, being awakened by the cat who decides that 3 am is a good time for a snack or to be petted, or for any other reason.

My first night was interesting from a post-activation standpoint, because even with the magnet off, instead of hearing the “jet plane noise” that I’ve heard for the last month, I could have sworn it sounded like a radio was playing inside my right ear, but I couldn’t understand it. It was like I could hear speech, static, more speech, changing-station sound, static, more speech.

Ha, I wonder if I’m getting a reception from the radio towers that are up on the mountain by my house. That would be funny. I could just tune in with my head, and scan stations.

I tried to put my implant on this morning, and it was dead. The magnet attached itself to the lamp, so I guess it was on. I need to unplug the battery so it doesn’t drain whenever I’m not wearing it. But I put a new battery on, and I got shocked again, so that was not good.

As soon as it’s 8:30 (in 19 minutes) I am going to call Megan and take her up on going in today. I want to fix it up so it doesn’t hurt my head so much. There’s no point in having an implant that I can’t wear because it hurts. The whole point of the implant is to have it on and have myself get used to it and learn to “hear” and interpret this stimulation of the nerve in order to understand it. Not wearing it is not going to help me get any closer to my goal.

All the electrodes work but #15, we turned it off (I don’t remember why…think because I couldn’t hear it and it was maxed out or no response).