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Debating the Fidelity-120 processing Monday, May 17, 2010

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Woke up this morning to snow of all things.  Lovely.  But I got to listen to the skrrrrit-skrrrrit of brushing the snow off of my car and scraping the ice off the window.  That was fun.

I popped a tape into my car radio, and “Macarena” came on.  I listened to the entire song first without Fidelity 120, and then with it.  My brain is now confused, because it goes against what I had decided yesterday.

I liked “Macarena” with Fidelity-120 processing much better.  The bass was much more true, and the sounds had more of a roundedness to it.

Sitting in class, listening to what’s going on, I find that voices still sound rather distant, like they’re in a tunnel.

I’m slowly starting to return to a sense of normalcy with hearing.  It’s not a fast process…my brain still needs to get used to all this stimulation.