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The FAQ Thursday, July 26, 2007

Featured As Site Of The Day
December 9, 2006 – “Blogging Your Way To Better Hearing” – Around The Web In 60 Seconds, Vol. 2, No. 15

A quick FAQ to take you to the most relevant posts on this site

Audiological Testing (Pre-Implant Screening)
Advanced Bionics vs. Cochlear Americas
The Big Day Soon Arrives (T-10 Hours)
Surgery #1 – July 10, 2007 (Photos)
First CI Activation And Discovery Of Problem (Photos)
Discovery Of Problem With The CI
Surgery #2 – July 19, 2007 (Photos)
My Things To Hear With The CI List (With Input From Friends)
The Post-Activation Entry
Activation Day (Photos)
I Now Officially Love My Cochlear Implant
Post-Activation Test Results – One Week Later
Mango…The Word That Just Won’t Die (aka Megan Proves That The CI Is Better 3 Weeks Out)
First Day Of School With The CI

Music Is Life
Reactions From Classmates/Friends
National Public Radio
(My email gets read on the air)
MAUDE Database
First Update On Sounds I’ve Heard While At Home
My First Day Back At Work
Playing The Piano
9-Month Test Results

For a complete list of sounds that I’ve discovered/heard, click on the following tags: music, sound discovery, sound identification, sound list.

For people who are curious what an actual CI surgery is like…a video from Tampa Bay Hearing And Balance Center…(WARNING: Graphic Content)


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